Row of books, all by female authors in translation

Shorter translations

I’ve been translating from German (and occasionally French, Russian and Belarusian) for almost fifteen years now, having cut my teeth translating for the online European magazine Cafebabel. My favourite projects have involved working with poetry and fiction, but I also translate subtitles, journalism, academic articles (for both publication and research purposes) and all manner of bureaucracy.

Selected shorter translations

  • Nora Gomringer, selected poems (Modern Poetry in Translation, autumn 2021): translated from German
  • Eva-Maria Leuenberger, extract from Kyung (12 Swiss Books, Oct 2021): translated from German
  • Maren Kames, extract from Luna Lunar (Poetry International, June 2021): translated from German
  • Kinga Toth, selected poems (Shearsman Magazine, spring 2021): translated from German
  • Levin Westermann, extract from Regarding the Shadows (12 Swiss Books, Oct 2020): translated from German
  • Volha Hapeyeva, selected poems (Modern Poetry in Translation, spring 2020): translated from Belarusian
  • Jana Revedin, extract from Jeder hier nennt mich Frau Bauhaus (Goethe-Institut UK, Dec 2019): translated from German
  • Nora Gomringer, selected poems (No Man’s Land, Dec 2019): translated from German
  • Odile Kennel, ‘Why don’t you write something erotic’ (Translation Duel, Jul 2019): translated from German
  • Arno Camenisch, extract from The Last Snow (The Riveter, Dec 2018): translated from German
  • Sabine Bally, The Martyrs’ Trilogy (released 2018): short documentary translated from French
  • Nora Gomringer, selected poems (Poetry International, May 2018): translated from German
  • Rzgar Kalil, Luise Rist, extracts for the multilingual play Eine Stadt verändert sich (premiere Jun 2016): translated from German
  • Nina de la Chevallerie, Xolani Mdluli, extracts for the multilingual play Schattenboxer (premiere Dec 2014): translated from German






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