Twitter project: once upon a tweet

Once upon a time in the autumn of 2014 I developed and managed a twitter project aimed at children and young people in which fairy tales were to be retold in one tweet. The project was the contribution of the Literarisches Zentrum Göttingen to Germany’s National ReadingAloud Day (Bundesweiter Nationaler Vorlesetag) and found happily ever afters in Germany and the UK. Here are a few of my favourite tweets:

@insocrates: #poetweet Glass slippers, they said. It’ll make a statement, they said. I’m never shopping there again

@lahnabee: I can only think that Rumpelstiltskin was undervalued and could have made a good business partner #poetweet #spinthatgold

@madita8686: #poetweet “hey frau holle: shake it! shake, shake it! shake it like a polaroid piiiiiicture!”

@madita8686: #poetweet #hänselundgretel “okay google: wie ist die kürzeste route vom lebkuchenhaus zur home position?”

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