Cropped image from Hydra's Heads cover

Hydra’s Heads

I’ve been a huge fan of the German/Swiss poet Nora Gomringer ever since seeing her perform back in 2014. So I was ecstatic when – via a combination of serendipidous taxi rides and hopeful emails – I got the go ahead to translate a selection of her poetry to be published with Burning Eye Books. The collection, Hydra’s Heads, appeared in August 2018, prompting some lovely reviews and a couple of really exciting gigs, including one at the British Library! Working with Nora’s been a dream, and I can’t wait for the next lot of translations.

“Beautifully translated into the sort of English that feels utterly natural and rhythmically complete while managing to preserve the mouthfeel of Nora’s inventive, electrifying German” (JL Williams)

“Annie Rutherford’s translation of Nora Gomringer’s poetry/prose/performance work is a Very Good Thing for English-language audiences.” (Rachel McCrum)


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