Far Off Places

Together with Beth Barnett, Trevor Fountain and Ceris Aston, I co-founded the literary magazine Far Off Places three years ago. Far Off Places, of which I am editor-in-chief, was founded with two aims in mind: to create a stage for emerging writers to strut their stuff and to reach, enchant and grip readers who wouldn’t ordinarily pick up a literary magazine.

Several gallons of coffee down the line, we’ve produced seven shiny issues of poetry and short-form prose, with the occasional foray in to drama. (Disclaimer: they’re not actually shiny.) We pride ourselves on reaching out to readers, no matter how they like to enjoy stories, and so our issues are available as a digital publication, but we also produce limited editions of handbound copies. Some pieces are showcased in our podcast (tune in to hear yours truly’s dulcet tones), and others are featured in our sister app, Pocket Poetry.

More than just creating a magazine, we’re thrilled and chuffed that we’ve built up a supportive network of writers and readers and have become known as a magazine which treats its writers fairly and always tries to offer feedback on work.

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