Brewed Awakening

Together with the glorious illustrator Beth Barnett, I’ve been working on the webcomic Brewed Awakening. The comic launched in March 2017 and offers slice-of-life comedy against an uncertain political backdrop (sound familiar?). Beth was the person who drew me in (no pun intended!) to the world of graphic novels and webcomics, so it feels fitting to be co-creating with her, and it’s a joy to be working with someone whose art I love so much! I adore the way in which collaborative projects challenge me to discover creative directions which I might not have explored on my own, and Beth is the perfect fellow adventurer. I’m naturally quite a word-y person, so working on the webcomic really stretches me, demanding the same economy of words as a poem, but in a very different way.

What do we do now?
© Barnett & Rutherford

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