Hydra's Heads coverI’ve been translating from German (and occasionally French, Russian and Belarusian) for a decade now, having cut my teeth translating for the online European magazine Cafebabel. My favourite projects have involved working with poetry and fiction, but I also translate subtitles, journalism, academic articles (for both publication and research purposes) and all manner of bureaucracy.

I’m currently working on translating Isobel Bogdan’s novel The Peacock, as well as poetry by Volha Hapeyeva and Kinga Tóth.

My selected poems of Nora Gomringer, Hydra’s Heads, appeared with Burning Eye Books in 2018.

Selected shorter translations

  • Volha Hapeyeva: selected poems. Modern Poetry in Translation, April 2020.
  • Jana Revedin: an extract from Everyone Here Calls Me Frau Bauhaus. Goethe-Institut UK, December 2019.
  • Nora Gomringer, selected poems. No Man’s Land, December 2019.
  • Odile Kennel, ‘Why don’t you write something erotic’. Translation Duel, July 2019.
  • Arno Camenisch: an extract from The Last Snow. The Riveter, December 2018.
  • Nora Gomringer: selected poems. Poetry International, May 2018.
  • Authors on the ball: a selection of literary non-fiction pieces responding to football for the Goethe-Institut United Kingdom. June 2016.
  • Kai Sina: ‘Reading The Magic Mountain in Arizona: Susan Sontag’s reflections on Thomas Mann.’ Naharaim, Journal of German – Jewish Literature and Culture History. Volume 9, Issues 1-2. November 2015.
  • Various: Dialogical Humanities. University of Göttingen. Issue 1. October 2013.


“Beautifully translated into the sort of English that feels utterly natural and rhythmically complete while managing to preserve the mouthfeel of Nora’s inventive, electrifying German” (JL Williams)

“Annie Rutherford’s translation of Nora Gomringer’s poetry/prose/performance work is a Very Good Thing for English-language audiences.” (Rachel McCrum)