Head and shoulders photo of a woman in her early thirties smiling at the camera. She has bobbed hair and a fringe, and is wearing a soft blue biker jacket. In the background is the horizon of the sea.


Annie Rutherford makes things with words and champions poetry and translated literature in all its guises. A writer, translator and events organiser, her current projects include researching the possibility of setting up a Writers in Exile residency in Edinburgh. Annie was previously head of library and communications (maternity cover) at the Goethe-Institut Glasgow, and was assistant director of StAnza, Scotland’s international poetry festival. She co-founded the international literary magazine Far Off Places, as well the first ever Poetree Festival in Göttingen. She translates from German, French, Russian and Belarusian, and her published translations include full collections by poets Nora Gomringer and Volha Hapeyeva, as well as Isabel Bogdan’s novel The Peacock. She can spot a misplaced apostrophe at a distance of 50 meters.

Looking for a translator, event chair, writer or editor? Get in touch via annierutherford[at]posteo[dot]net!