The Peacock, book cover

The Peacock

I had huge fun translating The Peacock (V&Q Books, 2021), Isabel Bogdan’s wry comedy of errors about an unruly peacock and an ill-fated teambuilding weekend in the Scottish highlands. With mouthwatering meals, toe-curling teambuilding exercises, and a particularly delicious hot tub scene, this is feel-good reading at its best. “[Bogdan’s] marked style of writing comes

Cover of In My Garden of Mutants by Volha Hapeyeva

In My Garden of Mutants

Translations often seem to emerge from serendipidy, and I first encountered the award-winning Belarusian poet Volha Hapeyeva through Nora Gomringer, the Swiss-German author who we both translate. Since then, I’ve been enchanted by her poems: off-kilter yet sensitive, elliptical yet urgent. I’m absolutely thrilled to have a dual-language collection of Volha’s work out with Arc

Cropped image from Hydra's Heads cover

Hydra’s Heads

I’ve been a huge fan of the German/Swiss poet Nora Gomringer ever since seeing her perform back in 2014. So I was ecstatic when – via a combination of serendipidous taxi rides and hopeful emails – I got the go ahead to translate a selection of her poetry to be published with Burning Eye Books.

Row of books, all by female authors in translation

Shorter translations

I’ve been translating from German (and occasionally French, Russian and Belarusian) for almost fifteen years now, having cut my teeth translating for the online European magazine Cafebabel. My favourite projects have involved working with poetry and fiction, but I also translate subtitles, journalism, academic articles (for both publication and research purposes) and all manner of