I’m passionate about storytelling in all its forms, and write articles, interviews and creative non-fiction for various publications in English and German. I try to cross boundaries in my articles, whether bringing together unexpected ideas, playing with unconventional formats, working collaboratively or writing about topics close to my heart – translation, asylum and immigration.

Selected articles in English

I had an article, “Getting into the Saddle”, published in issue 14 of the cycling magazine, Boneshaker, and was invited to write a piece of creative non-fiction for the e-book Tausend Tode schreiben (“Writing a thousand deaths”).

Selected articles in German

I also had an article on the performance of identity in the poetry of Patience Agbabi in the anthology Phänomene des Performativen in der Lyrik.

Creative writing

I’ve had poems published in various magazines, including Dactyl, Myths of the Near Future, The Fankle, Prisma and The Treacle Well. I also work on the webcomic Brewed Awakening alongside illustrator Beth Barnett.